Spring and Summer Prep Classes

Our prep class schedule is available below.  Our students increase an average of 152 points on the new SAT.  88% increase by at least 100 points. … [Read More]

Which kids stand the most to gain from test prep?

I assert that about 99% of students can benefit from preparation. Unless the student is in the top 1% on the ACT or SAT, he or she has room to … [Read More]

Things to consider when you register

When you are ready to sign your kid up for the SAT or ACT, there are some important details to consider. First, when choosing a test site, most … [Read More]

When should kids begin preparing for the SAT and ACT?

It's better to begin early than late to prep for the SAT and ACT Over the years, I have heard so many parents say that they wished that they … [Read More]

College Prep Tips for 11th graders

11th Grade Year: All College-Bound Students Should Take the PSAT in the Fall Honors students need to take the PSAT as juniors to try to qualify … [Read More]

College Prep for 10th Graders-Continued

Honors Students Taking the PSAT test as a 10th grader is very important for honors/AP students. It will indicate if they have a decent chance at … [Read More]

College Prep for 10th Graders

This post includes some test prep suggestions for students heading into their 10th grade year.  This will be followed by posts with suggestions for … [Read More]

Select dates that let you order the test release.

Parents can order a copy of the actual test that your child takes on certain test dates.  This provides critical information about pacing and focus … [Read More]

SAT or ACT: Which is better for you

Many parents come to a crossroads regarding which admissions test would be best for their child. Many stick with the test that is more prevalent among … [Read More]