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Learn At Your Own Pace With Our ACT Prep.

We understand that every student learns different subjects at their own pace and in their own way. That’s why Knowledge Guides’ ACT prep courses give students personalized strategies, practice, and techniques to bring out their best scores. And we get results.  Most of our students improve their composite scores by at least 4-6 points.  We offer both group classes and private ACT Prep.

We prepare students by:

  • Customizing programs to help each student find the best strategies for them.
  • Studying real ACT questions from earlier tests to help students get a good feel for what to expect.
  • Focusing practice activities on specific skill areas that need improvement.
  • Offering flexible options in which students can choose either to work one on one with a tutor or in small class.
  • Helping students determine the best way to pace themselves on different sections of the test.
  • Proctoring full-length timed mock tests to give students a measure of their progress in the program.
  • Thoroughly evaluating each mock exam and reviewing the results with the student.  This includes suggesting new strategies as well as tweaking existing ones as appropriate.

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Why our program works:

  • Our private ACT Prep gives students the strategies, practice, and techniques to attain their best scores and achieve their goals.
  • Our individualized programs help each student find the best strategies for them.
  • We work with official study guides (with real content from released earlier tests) to help students better understand the variables of the test.
  • We work with them on finding the best way to pace themselves on the test and help them determine goals for each section of the test.

We offer 3 ACT Prep options to prepare for the ACT:

Individual Program

Students work 1-on-1 with an expert ACT tutor on the specific areas they need.  Available in-home, at our facility, or online.

Premium Program

ACT Class meets 2 times per week for 5-6 weeks.  24 hours of instruction.

Custom Group Program

You also have the option to put together your own small group course if the schedule doesn't work or if it fits your goals better.  This option might work if you have 2 siblings or a small group of friends who want to do the course together.  The students need to be on approximately the same skill level.  Contact us for more information

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