About Knowledge Guides

Knowledge Guides College Prep started in Arlington, Texas in 1993.

Knowledge Guides is a small, local test prep center, located in Arlington, Texas.  We provide customized individual tutoring and small group prep for the SAT and ACT.    Since 1993, we have helped thousands of high school students improve their performance on these tests by keeping our classes small and structuring our programs so that students have enough time to master test taking strategies and to recognize and address skill areas needing improvement.  Small group and individual tutoring programs give students an opportunity to select the best strategies for them.  Often, strategies that work well for one student may not work best for another.

Each program taught at Knowledge Guides has been designed by James Pipkin, author of The Parent's Guide to the SAT and ACT(2007) and SAT/ACT Prep Teacher for over 25 years.

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