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"Just wanted to let you know Andrea will be attending Amherst College this Fall. We are so proud of her. I appreciate all you did for her and with her PSAT. She became a National Hispanic Scholar. In June 2013, her last SAT was 1930 and the ACT, 29. Now she is on her way to be part of one of the most prestigious schools in the world! Keep helping families achieve their dreams. Thank you for your help!"

Carmen S.

"Knowledge Guides has been an excellent investment for our family. Both of my children took Knowledge Guide courses and improved their SAT/ACT scores by at least 10%. James Pipkin really impressed me. He was very honest in what he thought he could accomplish and expect. He was very professional and worked well with both kids. My youngest in particular made huge strides in reading and writing after his work with James. I recommend meeting with him if you think your student would benefit from the Knowledge Guides course. You can trust him to tell you what he has to offer as well as to deliver on his promises."

Joy G, Arlington

"Our daughter was very blessed to have multiple athletic scholarship offers. Each offer varied with ACT scores and we felt it made sense to try and improve her score. After research we found James and the Knowledge Guides right here in our "backyard". Our daughter improved her ACT score from a 19 to a 24 which allowed her incredible flexibility in her selection process and a significant increase in scholarship funds. Thank you James! We wish we would have found you prior to her taking the initial exam! Being prepared takes incredible pressure and stress off the Exam process for our studentren."

Stan N, Arlington

"My son’s first PSAT scores were good but he thought he could do much better. I hired James mainly to help improve my son’s reading score. We were hoping to get it into the 700s. He concentrated on vocabulary and grammar. He scored a 217 on the PSAT and an 800 reading/ 760 math on the SAT. Thanks James! The tuition at Knowledge Guides is so much cheaper than the college tuition waivers we hope to get from merit scholarships."

Denise W., Arlington, Texas

"After completing the PSAT study course from Knowledge Guides, my PSAT score sky-rocketed from a 176 to a 221. Having taken the SAT many times and having received relatively average scores each time, I was thrilled by the success and simplicity of the program."

Mercedes G., Arlington, Texas

"James, I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for all the hard work you provided to my son. There are so many people and companies that, when hired to do a job, do provide quality work but aren't really personally or emotionally invested. I felt that you went above and beyond. You really did care about my son's academic dreams.”

Jeff P., Denver, CO

"Hi James, this is Stacy from a few weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I got a 25!!! on the ACT. So I did get the in-state tuition for the University of Arkansas. Thank you so much!"

Stacy D., Arlington, Texas

"Scott was so excited……he got a 27 on his ACT! Woo hoo! Thanks for all your help."

Yvonne, Arlington, Texas

"Thanks to the instruction I received from Mr. James Pipkin at Knowledge Guides. I was able to increase my overall SAT score substantially. In the critical reading section alone my score increased by 100 points. The improvement in my SAT results was a key factor in helping me get accepted to the engineering program at the University Of North Texas."

Drew B., DeSoto, Texas

"Priceless: My son and I were extremely satisfied with this SAT prep class. He received personal instruction and actually enjoyed the class. He increased his SAT score and most importantly, he is a more confident student!!"

Kathy on Yahoo! Local, Arlington, Texas

"My daughter raised her SAT score 170 points and was accepted to both Arkansas and Alabama. We are very pleased!"

Lori K., Arlington, Texas

Mr. James, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you working with Joel during his high school years. He improved his PSAT scores by 38 points and scored nearly 2300 in SAT. He is now getting ready to attend Stanford in the fall. We are very proud of his academic success and very appreciative of your support.

Y. Swann

Our son needed intentional, focused, SAT prep. We found Knowledge Guides! BJ attended the program on Saturday mornings, after a full-week of school, athletics, and drivers education. He loved attending his sessions. His scores improved, but the true change was his confidence and ability to take risks. He believed that he could improve his scores. His confidence and self-esteem increased with each session and practice exam. This is a success story. BJ is a second-semester freshman in college and he is doing well. If you are considering SAT prep, Knowledge Guides is the way to go! We should have enrolled sooner.

Michelle-Ft. Worth


James is the gold standard for assisting your child with preparation for the PSAT and SAT. He works hard, and is organized, patient, and encouraging. He is also easy to communicate with (for parents and children). Our child improved her score substantially, which will give her a real opportunity to be admitted into the university she has focused on attending. We are so very thankful for his help.

Andrew Piel

My co-worker had children already in college and knew the importance of test scores in relation to college admission and scholarships. He referred us to Knowledge Guides and we met James who explained everything in great detail. James even allowed our son to make up classes he missed due to prior engagements. After our son took his summer ACT premiere class, he scored 30 on his first ACT test. We then enrolled our son in individual lessons to prepare him for his second test and he super-scored a 32 on his ACT's. Our son was accepted into the College of Engineering at Texas A&M and also received a Full Four-Year National NROTC Scholarship. When asked, our son was insistent that James' tutorials work. We are definitely enrolling our daughter, who is an in-coming high school junior, in this summer's ACT Premier classes. We strongly recommend the programs at Knowledge Guides and credit James for his patience and professionalism in helping our son achieve his goals. Allen C. - Arlington

Allen C.

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