bg-tile-satpsatWe understand that every student learns at their own pace and in their own way.

Our SAT Prep Courses give students personalized attention with test-taking strategies, practice, and techniques to help them achieve their best scores on the new digital SAT and become better test takers.

We prepare students by:

  • Customizing programs to help each student find the best strategies for them.
  • Giving each student individual attention to help address skill gaps and select appropriate strategies.
  • Studying real SAT and PSAT content from The College Board.
  • Preparing students for the new digital SAT coming in March.
  • Reviewing and teaching key core math and verbal concepts important on the SAT or Pre-SAT test.
  • Vocabulary practice to help with reading comprehension.
  • Focusing practice activities on specific skill areas that need improvement.
  • Helping students determine the best way to pace themselves on different sections of the test.
  • Proctoring full-length timed mock tests to give students a measure of their progress in the program.
  • Thoroughly evaluating each mock exam and reviewing the results with the student.  This includes suggesting new strategies as well as tweaking existing ones as appropriate.
  • Our SAT Prep Courses get results. Our students' scores increase an average of 166 points, and around 90% increase at least 100 points.

Call us to set up a free consultation, 817-451-6200

We offer 4 Program options to prepare for the SAT/PSAT. These include:

Individual Program

Students work 1-on-1 with their expert SAT tutor on the specific areas they need help on.

Premium Program

SAT Class that meets 2 times per week for 6 weeks. 24 hours of instruction + up to 3 full length practice tests.  Classes taught by experienced SAT teacher.

Intensive Program

Fast-paced class includes 42 hours of instruction. 5 weeks in Summer plus 2 practice tests and 2 review sessions in the Fall. Perfect for National Merit and Scholarship candidates.

Custom Group Program

You also have the option to put together your own small group SAT prep course if the schedule doesn't work or if it fits your goals better.  This option might work if you have 2 siblings or a small group of friends who want to do the course together.  The students need to be on approximately the same skill level.  


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