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The premium class prepares students throughout the year for PSAT®/SAT® testing. This course is designed for students who want higher test scores to improve their college and scholarship choices.

  • 32-hour program includes 24 hours of instruction plus two full-length practice tests
  • Small classes at our test-prep center in Arlington, Texas. 
  • Classes capped at 7 students due to Covid(normally 8 students).
  • Classes taught by experts with 25+ years of SAT® Prep teaching experience
  • Proven Test-Taking Strategies for each part of the test. These include pacing, process of elimination, guess and check, and more
  • Self-study plan with student's busy schedule in mind.
  • Free access to online classroom between classes if students have a question.
  • Course covers reading comprehension techniques, quick solution strategies for math, important grammar rules for the writing section, and key strategies for the new optional essay.  Students learn essay strategies and get to write practice essays which we critique and score.
  • Practice on actual content from the College Board (The Official SAT® Study Guide)

Call us to set up a free consultation, 817-451-6200

This course teaches students exactly what they need to know in the most focused and effective program available.  Our classes get results. In fact, our students' scores increase 152 points on average. 88% of our students increase at least 100 points and some in excess of 300 points.

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Class Schedule

    Fall 2022 SAT Prep

    • Premium SAT/PSAT Class:  Every Tuesday - Thursday, 4 pm to 6 pm, August 23 - September 29, (12 sessions + full practice tests).   $599
    • Premium SAT/PSAT Class Tuesday - Thursday, 6 pm to 8 pm, August 23 - September 29, (12 sessions + practice tests).   $599
    • Premium SAT/PSAT Class Tuesday - Thursday, 4 pm to 6 pm, October 20 - December 1.   No class 11/24. (12 sessions + practice tests)  $599

    Spring 2023

    • Premium SAT Class:  Tuesday - Thursday, 4 pm to 6:00 pm, January 24 – March 2.  (12 sessions + practice tests).  $599
    • Premium SAT Class:  Tuesday - Thursday, 4 pm to 6:00 pm, March 28 – May 4.  (12 sessions + practice tests).  $599

    You also have the option to put together your own small group course if the schedule doesn't work or if it fits your goals better.  This option might work if you have 2 siblings or a small group of friends who want to do the course together.  The students need to be on approximately the same skill level.  Contact us for more information

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