Prep Class Schedule

Prep Class Schedule

Our prep class schedule is available below.  Our students increase an average of 152 points on the new SAT.  88% increase by at least 100 points.  Some students even increase by more than 300 points.  Our ACT students typically improve between 4 and 6 points.



Prep for the December SAT

  • Premium SAT/PSAT ® Class  - Tues/Thurs,   4:00 to 6 pm, October 23rd - November 29th.


Prep for March 9th SAT

  • Premium SAT/PSAT ® Class  - Tues/Thurs,   4:00 to 6 pm, January 29th - March 7th

Prep for May 4th SAT

  • Premium SAT/PSAT ® Class  - Tues/Thurs,   4:00 to 6 pm,  April 26th - May 2nd
Supplemental Prep
  • Advanced Language Training for the SAT/ACT-  This ten week course is designed to help bolster critical reading and grammar skills.  Begins October 15th.  Students may attend one or two times per week.  This class should be taken following or concurrently with a Knowledge Guides group/individual course.  More info

Feel free to contact us for more information or to sign up.  Or, you can sign up online.

Premium Program description:

Intensive Program description:

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